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"Oh What A Relief This is"

EnVision Being Pain Free!

Hello! We at LBS want to introduce you to "LumBarStick"! This patent pending therapeutic device has a unique design using revolutionary materials that create instant relief for chronic lower, mid, and upper back pains. Best used on home and office chairs, and all types of vehicles and trucks. Hand made in the USA.

Also it helps these conditions:

*Headaches & Migraines                *Chronic Backaches

*Gluteus Pain                                     *Hamstring Pain

*Lumbar Injuries                               *Thoracic Pain

*Neck & Back Pain                           *Depression & Anxiety

Our team at "LumBarStick" would love for you to try our "LBS" Products so that you too can experience the joy of being pain free while working, traveling or just sitting down reading. 

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Team LBS

Mari B, VA

The LumBarStick has been a game-changer for relieving my back and neck pain. Its flexible design and ease od use make ita must-have for anyone dealing with discomfort. I take it everywhere - plane, train, car, or work
Highly recommended i give it 5 starts

Morgan James, NY

I wish i had this 7 years ago. This is not like any other lumbar support. I trieds the rest now i have the best! I had to get another one because my wife took mine

Lisa Driver, MI

The relief is immediate. Works perfectly in my 2018 Toyota Venza seats. Could not be more satisfied.


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